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Brooklyn-based media artist Ben Rubin transforms data into expressive forms ranging from sculptural installations to theatrical performances. His permanent installations for The New York Times Building, the Public Theater, and the University of Texas, among others, have garnered numerous awards. Rubin’s work has been exhibited at the Whitney, MoMA, the Victoria and Albert. and other museums and performance venues around the world. Ben has also been engaged as a designer by clients including IBM, HP, the United Nations, the Smithsonian, and publications including The Harvard Business Review, and Scientific American. He has taught in the Bard College MFA program, Parsons, NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, and the Yale School of Art, where he was appointed critic in graphic design in 2004. Rubin holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Semiotics from Brown University (1987) and a Masters of Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab (1989).

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