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Moveable Type


Two arrays, each 80' x 7' and containing 280 vacuum-fluorescent displays

Artists: Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin

New York Times Building, 8th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

A permanent public artwork in the lobby of the New York Times building

Since its installation in 2007, "Moveable Type" has captivated visitors with the rhythm of news and communication at The New York Times, blending art, technology, and journalism in an innovative visual narrative.

Drawing on a continuous feed from the Times, the artwork collects and digests news stories, then visually reconstitutes them into patterns of words, phrases, and diagrams that dance across hundreds of small, low-tech screens accompanied by clicks, whirs, and tones.

“Moveable Type,” is open to the public on weekdays in the lobby at 620 8th Avenue in Manhattan.

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